Zipper Bloves Handsfree With Mic


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Zipper Bloves Handsfree with Mic
These zip design earphones are perfect for kids and adults alike. No more tangled wires and knots when you want to listen to music! These earphones have the wires hidden inside a working zip. You can move the zip up or down to keep the wires tangle free. Designed to fit perfectly within your ear, these headphones are more comfortable than other ear-bud designs. The universal design is made to rest within a variety of ear shapes.

Key Features
Zip Style: Comfortable and easy to use – No more knots!
Bass Boost System: Superior sound with enhanced bass!
Mic and Controls: Built-in High-Grade Mic and Controls!
Universal 3.5mm Jack: Universal use with Phones, Mp3 & Mp4 Players & Lapto

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