LED T Shirt Sound and Music Activated EL Visualizer VU-Spectrum Dancer


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The newest fashion tee style short sleeve round neckline T-shirt
· Powered by a battery pack that is hidden inside the T-shirt
· Hand wash or dry clean only
· Possess a sensitivity control that lets you control the sound level

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Summer Night Party Wear Led t-Shirt
Sound Activated Led Cotton T Shirt Light Up and Down
Led Flashing Equalizer
for Rock Disco Party / Night water pool Party / Night Friend gathering / College Party
CHEST: 104 cm
LENGTH: 70 cm
100% Cotton
This shirt lights up and reacts to sound.
Volume Control for the sensitive of music.
EL panel attached to the Disco T-Shirt with glue, can be removed and replaced.
Hand Washable, just unplug the battery box and EL panel.
Has a sound sensitivity control to take you all the way from loud anthem beats to the chill out room.
Powered by a battery pack cleverly hidden within an inside shirt pocket.
Good for music or dance fans and sports fans, especial for Hip Hop fans.
The image shown here is indicative only. The actual product may differ.
1. Power: DC6V,DC3V
2. Function: Sound active, 5 flashing, Wifi
3. Battery: Requires 2 standard size cells 1.5V/pcs
4. With round or flat cable

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